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NEW      SNAPP. The fuel filter change that changes everything.
The world turns to Racor for filtration solutions that provide ultimate protection from water and solid contamination. This is filtration that includes two innovations often copied but never quite duplicated
– the powerful protection of patented, world-class Aquabloc® filter media and, the Racor trademark,
a clear bowl that allows for at-a-glance inspection of fuel system integrity.
-Fast, easy, clean, SNAPP is a fuel filter change for the better -
SNAPP is big protection for small engines up to 140 hp or 26 gph and makes every filter change literally a snap. Fast, easy, clean. No tools are needed – when it’s time for service, simply snap in a new filter. Simple installation and a patented priming system mean that protecting your engine investment is now … a SNAPP.
For diesel and bio-diesel; at just 4" x 8", SNAPP fits anywhere, protects everywhere.

SNAPP™ Fuel Filter Water Separator
For Recreational Fishing Boat

Marine Filtration
SNAPP™ Fuel Filter Water Separator
For Recreational Fishing Boat
The Challenge
The recreational fishing boat owner needed a high quality fuel filter water separator that would fit the current competitor filter space.

Why Racor SNAPP was Chosen as the Solution
The SNAPP fuel filter water separator was chosen for its compact size, ease of service and high quality filtration. The ability to see and drain collected water was also a great benefit

How the Solution Works
The SNAPP fuel filter water separator utilizes Aquabloc® filtration media. Water droplets are stopped on the surface of the media, where they grow in size, and being heavier than fuel, fall into the collection bowl to be drained away. The large surface area of the pleated media allows lower fuel face velocity, enabling extraordinary water removal efficiency

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