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AEOLIAN ENGINEERING was established in 1987 and is an exclusive distributor in Greece and CYPRUS of

  • PARKER RACOR (U.S.A.)   in the following categories of TOP QUALITY  products:

         Fuel  Filters/water separators  ,Gasoline Filters ,Air Filters ,Crank vent Filters, Hydraulic Filters  e.t.c

  • MARLEC ENGINEERING CO LTD U.K  Renewable Energy:

         RUTLAND Wind Turbines

         Solar Panels


   Fuel Additives for Diesel , Biodiesel , Gasoline .  Eliminates water from fuel helps to prevent sludge formation and cleans injectors, Controls   microorganisms growths in fuel oil storage  tanks, fuel oil and other refined or partially refined  oils.

In 1982, the Parker Racor  Hannifin  entered in the Greek market (www.parker.com/racor), the world's largest name, that perfectly protects diesel and gasoline engines from unsuitable and dirty fuels

In 1987 AEOLIAN ENGINEERING  became a pioneer in the distribution and application of renewable energy sources, exclusively introduces the RUTLAND wind turbines of the English firm MARLEC ENGINEERING. (www.marlec.co.uk) and the EUROSOLARE & SPECTRA Photovoltaic Generators. The plurality of facilities and applications in stand-alone systems give AEOLIAN ENGINEERING   experience with excellent profile and prestige.

AEOLIAN ENGINEERING   is constantly trying to improve its services for its old and new customers and in 2015 introduced exclusively the FPPF American Fuel Additives, providing an efficient solution to the smooth operation of the engines through fuel improvement.

The many years of AEOLIAN’S experience and knowledge as well as the excellent organization, guarantee to the customers excellent products and services

Founder and director of Wind Engineering is Mr. Diomidis Tsakiris, Technologist / Mechanical Engineer.


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